A story of a guy and a girl two thousand miles apart, holding each other's heart. But the distance could not stop us, and five years ago on a warm May evening, we laughed, cried, vowed, and danced the night away, waving goodbye to long distance and embracing our awesome adventure together! Today, we are thrilled to invest in others' lives and create forever-memories showcasing their unique love stories. 

It feels like just yesterday. Love letters found in the mailbox. Hours of Skype calls. Running to each other in a crowded airport. This is our love story.

On the day of your wedding, we are there to celebrate beside you. We want to be there for you, from the moment you slip on the gown of your dreams until you dance the night away!

With each photograph, we capture real, intimate moments from the most significant day of your life. We love connecting personally with each and every one of our couples, which is why we only take on a limited number of weddings per year. We believe that your wedding experience is not just focused on one day; instead, it is the beginning of a journey, and we are honored to document the start of your lives together.

We adore getting to know our clients throughout the entire wedding process! From the time we meet over a delicious cup of coffee to your one-of-a-kind engagement session, our goal is to become a friend by the time your wedding day arrives! Not only is this more comfortable  We are always available to help you with the organization and details of your day or to just meet up and chat! 

We believe that your wedding day is sacred, your vows are significant, and that these memories should last a lifetime.

I have been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. When I was only 10, my mom bought me a Barbie Polaroid camera and I just about died of happiness. After many "creative" high school photo shoots with friends, I met John (and his nice camera!) in college. When the time came to plan our wedding day, my love for photography grew and grew! I began to dream about creating, crafting, and investing in others' lives through photography myself! Despite my fears, my dream didn't dissipate, and John (being the amazing guy he is) said, "Go for it!! What have you got to lose!?" It was then that I stepped out in faith, creating Beth Joy Photography, and I haven't looked back since!

Meet Bethany!

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Meet both of us!

I got my first digital camera in 2003 and took it everywhere, to school and on family trips, capturing middle school life, and my love of photography only grew from there! As a sophomore in college I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D60, and took thousands of pictures around school and on more trips and adventures. When I met Bethany in 2010 and we started dating, she permanently borrowed my camera — and captured my heart! When we tied the knot, her passion for photography renewed my love for it as well. I am so excited to meet our couples and celebrate with them on their epic wedding day!

Meet John!

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Meet Beth!

We are John and Bethany, a husband and wife wedding photography team! We are college sweethearts, married since 2014, and you can typically find us snuggled on a couch, watching HGTV, and cuddling with our two sweet kitties! When we aren't photographing weddings, John works as a web development engineer and Beth works as a post-operative surgical nurse! Pizza nights happen on the weekly, and we love long walks, reading, all things coastal, creating spreadsheets (for allll the things!), hiking mountains, travel planning, bitcoin, instagrammable walls, and just spending quality time with each other! It's true, you'll rarely find us apart from one another! 

Meet Both of Us!

She says, he says

First things first, we LOVE sunshine. Give us a warm sunny day at the beach, a crisp fall day with that bright light, or even a fresh snowfall...we love all the seasons, as long as the sun shines! ...But let's be honest, the beach is our favorite!

Our Favorite Things


Though we've been married four!! years, we still LOVE going on dates once a week! One of our favorite things to do is to go out and trying new restaurants - especially for brunch!! 

Brunch Dates




We love to explore together! Historic estates, quaint main streets, and hiking trails are what we love best! We've visited both coasts and so many places in between! Our goal is to make it to all 50 states, and so far we've reached 20 of them! We even have National Park passports, and we're pretty obsessed with getting them stamped!! :)




This is more John than Bethany, but we both love being outside, and trying to grow a garden on our tiny apartment balcony! One day we would love to have a mini-homestead to grow a real garden! 




No surprise here!!! We LOVE Disney World! We are Annual Passholders and visit our home away from home as often as we can! When we're not at Disney, we are listening to the park music or podcasts to keep up with all the magic! ;)

Walt Disney World



It's true. We're nerds, and proud of it! Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Narnia, Studio Ghibli... the list goes on. We fell in love over these books, shows, and movies, and they hold a special place in our hearts!

Science Fiction / Fantasy


a napa valley sweetheart session

An engagement in malta

A destination wedding in kauai

a romantic boca grande wedding

A northern michigan castle WEDDING

A Walt disney world Wedding

a new york city adventure

A CLIFFSIDE engagement in california

We absolutely adore traveling for our couples, and are frequently exploring new cities and states for weddings and other sessions!  Here's what we've captured so far, and what we're dreaming of!!

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