Behind The Scenes 2016: A Year in Review

Well this is it! The most authentic, real-life, embarrassingly, hilarious blog post we've shared yet! Throughout this past year, while photographing the most incredible weddings, engagement sessions, and styled shoots, we've also snapped a variety of photos behind-the-scenes! Whether it was to test the light, surprise each other, or actually capture some photos of each other doing what we love most - working with our dear couples and photographing weddings!!

John and I have had some amazing adventures together, traveling all over Michigan (Ann Arbor, Detroit, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing) and the United States (San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Florida, Phoenix), capturing some truly gorgeous moments. One of my hopes for 2017 is that I blog more of these moments - because, as I will be the first to tell you - my blogging game is WEAK. But I'm excited to share more posts with you all, so let's start out the year with a bang! With the most hilarious post possible! In any case, this had us literally rolling-on-the-floor laughing, so I hope you get a chuckle out of it as well! ;) So here you go...!

#TEAMTIBBLE (Beth & John)

I LOVE my #bethjoybrides!!!

Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer_0003.jpg

Posing puppies, fixing veils, we take of every little detail!

Don't fall, don't fall!! - definitely my thoughts at this moment!

When your couple forces you to get in front of the camera, because they wanted us to have a photo too!!

Testing light never looked so fun!!

Practicing my tango moves, apparently! :)

John is such a pro at sparkler exits!!!

Meanwhile, this is the face of a girl terrified and surrounded by fire.

Thanks to Matt Hucke, a photographer we met at the bus stop in Seattle, who had also happened to snap this photo of us during our styled shoot!!! I just love it!

This shoot started out with a bohemian vibe, and ended with a Lord of the Rings bridal look. OBSESSED.

This photo also gives me Lord of the Rings vibes and I LOVE it. 

Engagement session fun in the spring!

Expectation VS Reality.

Poor John! The things I have him do!!! Haha!

Feeling like a super hero!

Shades on.

Our INCREDIBLE engagement session in San Diego!

When a rogue wave catches you and your bride by surprise!!!

I got a little nervous when that wave got close to me! ;) But the pictures were SO worth it!!!

Looks like the paparazzi caught me! 

When the DJ tells you to get a group picture from on top of his speaker!!!

Ha! I can promise you, I was not taking a picture of the grass!!! 

Having fun on the dance floor!!!

Testing light and being goofy! 

John, the GQ model: Part One.

Again, John being a boss when it comes to sparklers!!

Casually strolling into John's photo, typical.

We are always here to help our brides and grooms - whether we're coordinating your schedule, tying shoe laces, or fixing hairpieces - we LOVE serving our couples!

Wedding reception fun!

Playing with fire!!!

When your friends are guests at the wedding!!!

John and Jon (groom) breaking it down on the dance floor!! :)

Some sneak peeks of the most gorgeous Cornman Farms wedding, and you won't see any more until later this spring!!! ;)

Capturing the details - one of my favorite parts of the wedding day!!

Practicing walking down the aisle... Haha!

The most epic, beautiful cathedral shot!

HAHA! Can we just talk about our running and jumping skills!?! :) These are the things you do to get the shot...!

One of our darling #bethjoybrides, Karin!

FULLY caffinated...!

YES!!! If you play Thriller, I can guarantee John will be out on the dance floor with you!! 

John, the GQ model: Part Two.

What can I say, they LOVE him!!! So happy I snapped this shot! Too much fun!!

A perfect end to a perfect 2016 wedding season! Thank you again to each and every one of our lovely couples, friends, family, and supporters, who have been a part of this amazing year! We can't wait to see what 2017 brings!