7 Things You Didn't Know About Me! (Plus a Free Date Night Idea!)

So I stumbled upon a cute pin on Pinterest the other day for a fun date night with your sweetheart! Now I am all over getting to know your special someone more – no matter how old, so I excitedly pinned it to my “date night” board (tell me I’m not the only one!)! Basically it is a list of questions that you ask each other and try to guess the other’s answers. It’s silly and fun and brings you a bit closer together than your average “dinner and a movie”. :)


Anywho, I think it would be fun to start posting a bit more about me and my hubby and this business just so we can all get to know each other a little better! So today I sat down and answered just 7 of the questions from the pin, and hopefully you feel like you can get to know me as a person more! So here we go!

1. Where I most want to travel?
This one isn’t fair! I want to travel so many places…serious wanderlust over here. If I could pick my current top three it would be in no particular order: New Zealand, northern California, Fiji! Not happening anytime soon unfortunately… ;)

2. The channel we watch if I have the remote?
HGTV – hands down. House Hunters! Fixer Upper! Property Brothers! Love it or List it! I literally can’t get enough.

3. My guilty pleasure?
Those delicious nonpareils with the little white sprinkles on one side. My downfall. Oh! and flowers – any shape, size color…there is something so delightful about them that make my heart so happy!

4. One thing I do daily?
Ha! Play with my kittens. And sing to them. And snuggle them. Embracing major cat-lady status. No shame.

5. My favorite movie?
Can I have two? Lord of the Rings – because I am a Tolkien nerd. And Pride and Prejudice (6 hour BBC) – because I literally grew up on this,  and there is nothing quite like Elizabeth and Darcy’s love story.

6. The biggest fear / lie I believe?
This one is super serious, and is hard to write for the world to see, but I want to be real with you.. so here it is. I worry that I won’t be enough. Not good enough. Not fun enough. Not “cool” enough. My husband is the sweetest and is constantly telling me otherwise, but it’s always in the back of my mind. Don’t you just wish these fears would go away for good!

7. My dream job?
This. This is my dream job. Being able to use my creativity and explore new ways to make beauty in the world, meet new friends, and capture true love in action!? What more could I ask for. I am beyond grateful for all my incredible past, current, and future clients who I could not do this without. It brings happy tears to my eyes to watch this little business grow and see my dream become a reality. <3

Phew! I can’t imagine going through all 40! I’m going to challenge myself to it though! It’s so important to continue to grow your relationship and continue to get to know each other better – especially once you’re married. Don’t stop dating just because the rings are on your fingers! I challenge all you couples out there to take a night off, snuggle on the couch with a cozy blanket, get some hot cider (because FALL!), and have a blast quizzing each other on these questions!

Be prepared – this might become something of a series! I’m a huge advocate for fun date nights! :) Comment below if you’d like me to start posting these kind of ideas on a regular basis, or list out some of your own favorite date night ideas!

~beth joy!