33 New York City Adventures in 3 Days!


A few weeks ago, I made a decision without thinking. It was one of those moments when you don’t really contemplate your actions until after, and then realize what you’ve done. I barely EVER do this! I am totally a planner, type-A…the girl who makes hundreds of lists and spreadsheets about her vacations months in advance! :)

Well, this time I did the exact opposite. At 3pm, I found out I was going to have time off work the following week. At 5pm, I thought about my to-do list. At 5:10pm, I threw my to-do list on the ground (because I couldn’t throw it away..). And at 5:15pm, I bought a ticket to New York City!! CRAZY. I WAS CRAZY.

Okay, now I know you’re probably wondering why I was even doing this to begin with. So to make a long story short, my sister was living in NYC all summer, studying at the American Ballet Theatre! We had often joked about me coming to visit…and those thoughts wouldn’t leave me alone! Therefore, I decided to take a huge risk, and buy a ticket, and SURPRISE!! I went to New York City!! My sister was beyond shocked and excited, and we literally had 3 days to plan this weekend getaway of mine! Now remember that this was our first ever trip together – just the two of us – (something we’ve dreamed about since we were little ones in the back seat of our parent’s car!)!

The only thing is…now I’ve caught the travel bug! And I’ve fallen in love with this city. I tend to think of myself as a country girl most of the time, but this trip easily convinced me otherwise. I definitely left a piece of my heart there! I hope you enjoy some of our adventures as much as I did! Never stop exploring!

Now here are 33 – yes, that’s right! – 33 epic adventures that I hope you can use when you go on your trip to the “city that never sleeps!”  Some are pretty touristy and cheesy, and some are off the beaten path! Enjoy!


4) Local – a delicious, tiny cafe’ on a quiet side street (sit by the window!)


5) Greenwich Letterpress ~ stumbled upon this quaint shop in Greenwich on a rainy afternoon – the stationary was oh-so-cute!!


6) Frank Restaurant ~ near NoHo (sit outside and people watch!)

7) Macy’s in Herald Square ~ it’s an incredible building – definitely just stop by to take it all in

8) New York Public Library ~ the architecture was unbelievable!!

9) Uncle Gussy’s ~ this cute food truck served the most delicious, authentic Mediterranean food! HIGHLY recommend!

11) Magnolia Bakery ~ a NYC classic!

14) Blooming Affairs and 15) Fishs Eddy!! Adorable shops near Gramercy Park!

16) Central Park ~ not complete without a wedding, nor a photo session near Bethesda Terrace (coming soon…!)

17) Oscar de la Renta (shoes!) and 18) Kate Spade ~ and basically all the upscale shops on Madison Ave in the Upper East Side! (window-shopping of course!)

19) Dylans Candy Bar ~ to feel like a child again!


20) Serendipity 3 ~ treat yourself to their famous frozen hot chocolate, or a MASSIVE ice cream sundae! ^_^

21) Kaffe 1668 ~ hip coffee shop in Tribeca!

23) Trinity Church ~ for the history buffs (or for those, like my sister and I, who could not stop quoting National Treasure…thanks Nicolas Cage…)


25) Bitcoin Center NYC ~ my hubby is only slightly obsessed…

26) Statue of Liberty ~ ‘MURICA.

27) L’isola Restaurant ~ late brunch on a rooftop in Williamsburg – it doesn’t get much better than this!

28) Sweethaus Cupcake Cafe – so pretty and chic! Not to mention the yummy treats they served!

29) North 5th Street Pier ~ these views though! Absolutely breathtaking!


30) Concrete and Water ~ perfect little shop in Williamsburg! They had the cutest outdoor patio inside their shop!


31) Catbird ~ the tiniest, most adorable shop on Bedford Ave in Williamsburg! I forgot to get a photo of it because I was so excited to finally visit after following on Instagram for years!

32) The Bakeshop By Woops ~ gorgeous little cafe’ in Williamsburg – everything about it was just lovely! And yes, the macarons were heavenly!


33) Hillsong Church! ~ it truly felt like coming home…amazing worship, incredible sermon, beautiful people – the perfect end to this whirlwind of a weekend!


Yay!! I hope these tips help you when you plan your getaway to NYC!  Tell me what I missed! Leave a comment and let me know your favorite spots – especially the secret nooks and hidden treasures of the city! I can’t wait to hear!